Care: Public and Private Sectors

Between Us®: Care trainings for employers, HR professionals, and other workplace leaders in the public and private sectors will equip you to understand and respond to this public health problem that impacts your employees’ lives and your organization’s bottom line—ultimately creating a workplace culture that thrives free from violence


of U.S. workplaces do not have a formal program or policy that addresses workplace violence.

What We Deliver

Between Us® Care can be custom-designed and delivered
in a variety of formats to meet your needs, including:

Prerecorded Webinars

Accessible online and available to participants at any time, from any device, and in any location.


Accessible online for a scheduled time and location, with capabilities for audience Q&A and discussion.


Combining the efficiency of prerecorded webinars with the audience interaction of a live webinar.

In-Person Education

Fully face-to-face with enhanced capabilities for audience Q&A, discussion, breakout sessions, and more.

Continuing Education

Aligned to industry licensing standards and accessible online or in-person for a more experienced audience.

What You Will Learn

The impact of intimate partner violence
on employees’ health and wellness.

Best practices for educating employees
about intimate partner violence.

Available resources to support employees
affected by intimate partner violence.

Critical knowledge and skills to ultimately
prevent intimate partner violence.

…and more.

Who Should Attend

Employers and managers who
interact directly with employees.

HR, EAP, and other administrative
seeking to incorporate
best practices throughout their enterprise.

Public and private stakeholders looking to
position their organization ahead of a widespread
and under-addressed social crisis.

…and other public and private sector audiences.

Learn how you can bring Between Us® to your public or private sector organization: