Care: Schools and Youth Organizations

Between Us®: Care trainings for school and youth organization staff will help you become the go-to resource for any youth or young adult struggling with dating violence. You’ll strengthen the skills you already draw upon every day, learning age-appropriate ways to assess, intervene, and ultimately prevent intimate partner and dating violence.

of female victims experienced IPV for the first time before age 25.

What We Deliver

Between Us® Care can be custom-designed and delivered
in a variety of formats to meet your needs, including:

Prerecorded Webinars

Accessible online and available to participants at any time, from any device, and in any location.


Accessible online for a scheduled time and location, with capabilities for audience Q&A and discussion.


Combining the efficiency of prerecorded webinars with the audience interaction of a live webinar.

In-Person Education

Fully face-to-face with enhanced capabilities for audience Q&A, discussion, breakout sessions, and more.

Continuing Education

Aligned to industry licensing standards and accessible online or in-person for a more experienced audience.

What You Will Learn

The impact of dating violence
on youth, families, and communities.

Best practices for age-appropriate
screening and intervention.

Available resources to support youth
affected by dating violence.

Critical knowledge and skills to ultimately
prevent intimate partner and dating violence.

…and more.

Who Should Attend

Teachers, guidance counselors,
school social workers,
and others
who interact directly with students.

Youth organization and other
community organization staff members

who provide support to youth outside of school.

School administrators seeking to incorporate
best practices throughout their district.

…and other health care audiences.

Learn how you can bring Between Us® to your school or youth organization: