This is what we do today, and what we aspire to do, with your support

Since its founding, Saving Promise has used a wide variety of approaches to advocate for intimate partner violence prevention. Most significantly, we have worked tirelessly to frame intimate partner violence as a public health issue with a focus on the following five areas:

Research Causes and Solutions

With our partner, Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, we run a Learning Lab that conducts research to identify the root causes of intimate partner violence; its impact on individuals, families, and communities, and on our health and economy; and test and scale existing and new solutions to prevent it.

With your gift today and additional funding, we can conduct more comprehensive and frequent research that will inform, test, and deliver more innovative prevention programs.

Lead Prevention Programs

We lead programs that aim to prevent intimate partner violence before it occurs, and its reoccurence, and restore individuals to health and wellness. Our signature program, Between Us®—is an innovative prevention program to promote safe and healthy relationships by socializing the message: What better way to talk about it than with someone you can trust? After all… it’s just between us.

With your gift today and additional funding, we can dramatically implement the number of prevention programs like Between Us® into every community, such as healthcare, public and private schools, and workplaces.

Public Education

Before there can be action, there needs to be awareness. Our public education campaigns teach everyone—from individuals to employers to healthcare providers—the impact that intimate partner violence has on our families, communities, health, and economy, and reinforces prevention.

With your gift today and additional funding, we can vastly increase the scope of our public education campaigns, reaching more people in more communities at a larger scale.

Mobilize Communities

It truly takes a village. That’s why we bring together and mobilize people from all walks of life to commit their time, energy, and resources to the cause of preventing intimate partner violence. We support Friends of Promise with the information they need to be effective agents of change.

With your gift today and additional funding, we can mobilize more individuals and communities to get involved and take action.

Collaborate Across Sectors

We mean it when we say it’s between us—all working together to prevent intimate partner violence. That’s why we convene and partner closely with individuals, organizations, and grassroots communities to share, learn, test, and build existing and new programs and strategies that are making a difference.

With your gift today and additional funding, we can innovate faster and better by increasing our capacity to develop ideas with even more community partners.

Why We Do It

⇒ Because 1 in 3 women do not deserve to be victims. Neither do 1 in 7 men.
⇒ Because children deserve to be healthy and safe. Period.
⇒ Because being abused as a child can hurt them for years to come.
⇒ Because the physical and mental health consequences cause long-term trauma.
⇒ Because intimate partner violence costs our economy billions of dollars each year.
⇒ Because when someone in our community suffers intimate partner violence, the ripple effects hurt all of us.
⇒ Because we all deserve to feel safe in our own homes and communities.
⇒ Because together, we can interrupt the cycle of violence.
⇒ Because together, we can create a safer world for generations to come.

How You Can Help

We’ve done so much. But there is still so much more to do! With your support. we can vastly innovate faster and smarter and expand the scope of our research, prevention, and public education programs to increase the number of lives we save.